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Kelsey Aschenbeck

How Do You Roll?


From print to social media to business solutions, my time at How Do You Roll? was varied and never boring.


Visual Design, Social Media Strategy, & Photography


A Creative Asian Kitchen

How Do You Roll? came onto the Austin food scene because the two brother-founders (a chef and a businessman) were frustrated with the sushi options available to them. Founded on the idea that food should be healthy, affordable, and good,  How Do You Roll? disrupted the sushi restaurant world. The restaurant chain started with a "Chipotle of Sushi" idea of customizing sushi rolls but soon expanded to incorporate other Asian dishes.

Objective: To showcase the fun-factor of sushi — not only to the business-to-consumer viewpoint in social media, but also to the business-to-business side of the franchise.

Solution: After designing and photographing new menu items for the franchise brochure, I wanted to push the envelope by isolating the fresh ingredients on social media.

Franchise Brochure

This brochure was the catalyst that gave me a new direction when it came to showcasing HDYR?'s menu. The cover of the brochure is playful and shows what happens after someone receives one of HDYR's sushi rolls.

cover inside

Never-Ending Content

With social media, there is always new content to be posted. I sought to make the finished menu product and the ingredients used to make them works of art for our platforms. Best of all, I got to tell people I played with my food for a living.


International Sushi Day

How Do You Roll? decided to go all out on International Sushi Day by giving away a free California roll with any purchase. This was an effort the whole marketing team knocked out of the park, but prepping for it took months of planning. One part of that came in the form of mapping out the social media strategy to get customers through the door that day. Part I was about drumming up interest and intrigue in the big day. Part II officially announced our give-away. Part III counted down the days and made sure our customers had the date stuck in their heads. Part IV showed our progress on our big goal: giving away 1,000 free sushi rolls.


Longform Content

Working from some of the ways I showcased sushi and its ingredients, I was lucky enough to design some long-form content for HDYR? through our blog. We used this as a way to introduce seasonal menu items as well as give our visitors some insight into the history of the food.


Re-Designing the Line

There are two ways the line has been used in How Do You Roll?'s flagship location. Line A represents HDYR? at a time when the focus was on customizing your own roll and customers needed to pass by the ingredients. Line B is the latest version with the register moved further towards the door. Customers will not have to wander to the back of the restaurant, but they also can become lined up out the door.


The serpentine line (one longer line with multiple service points) has been regarded as the most efficient way of queueing.


What if you had a virtual serpentine? By having customers order from a tablet, it allows their digital order to take their place in line and for them to find a spot to sit right away. It also frees up the cashier to bus tables or to have more face-to-face contact with customers who have questions. It allows the restaurant to be run by 3-4 workers very efficiently without one person getting caught behind the register.


A digital menu allows customers to peruse the menu at their leisure (just like at a traditional restaurant) without having the pressure of holding up a line. An "Ask the Server" button is under the "Order" button so customers can clear up any lingering questions they might have. With a digital line, customers can have relaxed restaurant experience with fast-casual restaurant prices. Workers are free from being stuck behind a cash register and can help make each customer's visit a memorable one.